Sizegenetics Before and After

Sizegenetics is a penis extender that has been in the market for over two decades. That alone tells you of the reliability of Sizegenetics in achieving the desired results. Sizegenetics has therefore been put to the test for so many years and definitely it has been shown to work. What’s more Sizegenetics is approved for use by the FDA which also tells you of the kind of product Sizegenetics is.

Over the years Sizegenetics has been in existence, it has been improved greatly and put through a myriad of clinical studies and trials. The studies have proven that Sizegenetics really works and it is safe for use. If you are looking for a penis extender that will give you results quickly and that will be comfortable for use for long then Sizegenetics is the way to go. Avoid going for some other devices in the market that can hurt you within a short time of use.

How do you use sizegenetics?

Before giving you the expectations from use of Sizegenetics it is important you know how to use it for the best results. The results given in the Sizegenetics before and after section below are achieved from use of Sizegenetics for the recommended period. They are also achieved when the device is worn properly. When you purchase Sizegenetics, you will get an instructional DVD that is very well illustrated and easy to follow. The DVD illustrates how to properly wear the device so that you will not hurt yourself. It is also recommended that you use Sizegenetics for about 3-5 hours every day. Using it for less that the recommended time might not give you the desired results quickly.

Sizegenetics before and after

So what are the expectations after using Sizegenetics? Unlike other devices in the market that promise to give you an increase in length only, Sizegenetics gives you an increase in length as well as girth. In a clinical study conducted to show the effectiveness of Sizegenetics, it was shown that, after use of the device for 8 weeks, an increment of 13% was recorded. Continued proper use of Sizegenetics for 16 weeks led to an increment of 19% while 20 weeks brought about an increment of 24%. Those who used the device for 24 weeks got an increment of 29% in penis length. The increment in the girth is not as much as it is in length.

As can be seen from this study, the increment in the penis size that is expected is significant when the device has been used properly. For some people using the device together with penis exercises might help you get a bigger and stronger penis faster. There are many Sizegenetics before and after pictures and videos available on the internet that will show you just how well Sizegenetics works. It has worked for so many people and the results really speak for themselves.

Sizegenetics is a medical type one device with a medical certificate. What this means therefore it is a medical grade device that will provide the desired results. You can therefore wear Sizegenetics with confidence knowing that you will see increase in size within the specified time or even earlier.