Sizegenetics Results

For most men, having a penis that is considered the normal size is a pride to behold. However having a member that makes people gasp when they see it raises their ego and self-esteem beyond measure. This is what has caused many to look for penis elongation solutions like penis extenders. Sizegenetics is one of those penis extenders in the market that has taken the world by storm for a long time. Read on to discover what Sizegenetics is all about and what results you expect from using this penis extender.

What is Sizegenetics?

It is arguably the best penis extender in the market today. Why is this so? This is due to the following factors about Sizegenetics that you cannot get with any other penis extender in the market;

  • Sizegenetics is an FDA approved product. This means therefore it is very safe for use and will not cause you any harm when worn properly and for the recommended duration each day.
  • Sizegenetics is made of high quality medical grade materials making it a premium product. With sizegenetics you need not worry of parts falling off, getting corroded or causing you any harm.
  • Sizegenetics is a medical type 1 device with a medical certificate. This gives you the assurance that you are using a product that is safe and that works
  • When you purchase sizegenetics you will always get the original product because it is only sold by the manufacturer directl to the customer. This is done through the official manufacturer’s website which you can get to through our link.
  • Sizegenetics is a clinically tested and proven penis extender. No other penis extender in the market has been put through the rigorous clinical studies and tests that have been done on Sizegentics over the years, which brings us to the results you expect from sizegenetics. These results have been clearly seen before in these studies.

Sizegenetics Results

From the clinical studies indicated above there are some results that you should expect when you use Sizegenetics as recommended. Here are the expected results after using sizegenetics from week one all the way to the 24th week.

Up to 8 weeks – with Sizegenetics you are not promised temporary results immediately you use the product but within 8 weeks of use you expect to see permanent increase of about 13% in your size. Let’s take a scenario where you have started with a length of 4 inches. By the eighth week you should see an increment to 4.52 inches. Sounds good already?

Up to 16 weeks – when you double the period of use to 16 weeks then you should see an increment to about 19%. This means you can have your penis now measuring up to 4.76 inches.

Up to 20 weeks – continued and proper use of sizegenetics to 20 weeks can provide an increment of about 24%. In our scenario here it means now you member might have grown in length to about 4.96 inches.

Up to 24 weeks – the studies have further shown that use of Sizegenetics up to the 24th week can lead to an increase of up to 29%. Again if you started out with only 4 inches you will now have about 5.16 inches.

These results however are not cast in stone they vary from one user to the other depending on many factors including how well you use your Sizegenetics penis extender. For the best results use the extender for about 3-5 hours daily and combine its use with exercises.