Sizegenetics UK

What is Sizegenetics?

Sizegenetics is a non-surgical penis extender device that provides men that do not want to go under the knife the best penis extension alternative possible. Sizegenetics has been in the market since 1995 and therefore is one of the most trusted brands in the market. Why is it so trusted? Not because of just being in the market for long but because of the advancement the device has been put through to become what it is today. Sizegenetics is safe for use for men with micropenises and those with curved penises. It is also FDA approved and is made of quality medical grade materials.

How does Sizegenetics work?

Sizegenetics works through traction. This is the same principle that allows body builders to build muscle when they lift weights. How you may ask? Sizegenetics when worn on the penis increases pressure on the penis causing it to stretch. This stretching causes the tissues on the corpora cavernosa to get small tears. The body then responds by building more tissues that are stronger and bigger. This in turn means a bigger penis for you. As the tissues develop the blood vessels also develop which also means that your penis is able to hold more blood. When you get an erection therefore, the penis becomes rock hard and huge as more blood flows into it.

Does it really work?

There are many reviews and testimonials available online about sizegenetics. These reviews and testimonials are given by independent sizegenetics customers. Most of them have also included before and after pictures and even videos of the results that they have received. If this alone is not enough, sizegenetics has also been put through clinical studies to ascertain that it really does work. In one such study, it was seen that Sizegenetics can provide an increment of 13% after 8 weeks of use, 19% after 16 weeks, 24% after 20 weeks and 29% after 24 weeks. There aren’t other devices in the market that are exhaustively studied and improved as sizegenetics is.

How to buy Sizegenetics in the UK

In the UK, sizegenetics is readily available from the official manufacturer’s website. It is not available in local pharmaceutical stores or any other online e-commerce stores. This is a measure set by the manufacturer to ensure that only the original sizegenetics will be availed to their customers. This was brought about by the proliferation of fake items online most of which are meant to come and get the market share of the genuine products like Sizegenetics. For this reason therefore it is advisable that you use our link to go to the official manufacturer’s website to get your Sizegenetics devices.

Should you buy Sizegenetics?

Sizegenetics is a device that is meant for all men that want to increase the size of their penis either in length or in girth. It is also suitable for those men with micro penises. These are those penises under the length of 3 inches when erect.  There is also a sizegenetics package available for the men with curved penises that want to make them straighter and therefore longer.