Where to buy Sizegenetics

What is Sizegenetics?

Sizegenetics is a penis extender that is FDA approved, has a medical certificate as a medical type 1 device meant to correct penis size issues and curved penises. It has been in the market for over two decades and is a premium product made in FDA approved facilities using medical grade equipment. It is safe and delivers the promised results.

How does Sizegenetics work?

Sizegenetics works by providing traction to the penis. To ensure the best results sizegenetics provides the best traction in the market at 2800 grams. That is 50% more than the other devices in the market. The traction puts the penis under pressure thereby causing small tissues and muscles of the penis to tear down. When this happens, the body responds by building more tissues that are bigger and stronger. This eventually means a penis that is bigger both in length and in girth. Sizegenetics should be used daily for at least three to a maximum of five hours for the best results. For those starting out they can use it for shorter periods and increase the time gradually as they get used to using the product.

Can I buy Sizegenetics from Amazon or GNC?

Amazon is the biggest online market place, while GNC is a trusted and reliable medical equipment and medicine store or pharmacy. Most people therefore go looking for the original Sizegenetics in these two places to no avail. This is because Sizegenetics is only available from the official manufacturer’s website. The manufacturer of Sizegenetics has done this to ensure that only the original Sizegenetics reaches the customer.

Benefits of buying Sizegenetics from the Official website

The most important benefit that you get when you buy from the official site, is that you buy the real Sizegenetics. There are many wannabe and fake products in the market that are meant to throw customers off balance. Such products will attract you with cheap prices and over exaggerated promises that they never deliver on. It is best to stay safe and buy the real deal. The other major benefit is that when you buy from the official website you get the support needed when using the product. This is very beneficial especially for those that have never used a penis extender device before. Any questions or concerns that you might have will be answered promptly by very knowledgeable and professional customer care agents.

Shipping is done quickly and it is free of charge. What’s more the product is sent in discreet packaging that will not reveal what is inside. This is important when you want to keep your issues private. The official website is also a wealth of information where you get to know about all the available Sizegenetics variants and how each product can be of help to you. You will also benefit from discounts and money back guarantees incase the product doesn’t work for you as promised. All these and many other benefits cannot be gotten from anywhere else other than the official Sizegenetics website.